Australia is working hard to "keep Australia safe from Terrorism," says the Website of the Australian Security Intelligence organization (ASIO). Now they say that anti-Islam movements pose a threat to national security. The various right-wing groups are determined to stop the extreme Muslim population from infringing on their rights to live as a Christian nation. They have looked at Europe and seen the concessions made to radical Islamists, and the terror threat that has endangered the everyday lives of those in France and other countries. They have looked to the USA and seen some school children being clad in Muslim clothing and they have looked at Denmark where the Muslims  are a minority that plays an important role in shaping its social and religious landscape.

Anti-Islam groups don't want terror in Australia and they don't want what they perceive to be an alien culture infecting the Australian way of life.

Australia ASIO concerned about any violence threats

9 News Australia reported that Duncan Lewis, the Director General of ASIO said that if there is any threat of violence then that is a concern to his organization. He pinpointed one group, saying that Reclaim Australia, is of "particular interest to intelligence agencies." 

Reclaim Australia has a broad mission

Reclaim Australia seems to be an odd choice to focus on as there are other groups more vocal against extremist Islam. There are Australians Against Islam, a Brisbane split from Reclaim, and The Australian Defense League, plus the loose social group Ban Islam in Australia.

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No doubt intelligence agencies are looking at these groups too, but Reclaim Australia has a broader mission that purely anti-Islam rhetoric.

Their Website tells us that one of their main missions is to stop World Order and that their single purpose is to "educate the people of Australia... to follow the higher laws of Yhwh, our Heavenly Father, and reclaim their country from the ...predators of the Abdicated Corporate Government of Babylon and Caesar's world of Satan." This sounds a bit over the top - like a religious style cult. This is interesting as some anti-Islam groups feel the radical Islamists are the radical religious cult in the country. Perhaps they are just fighting fire with fire, but they do claim that they are against violence.

Not so, said Senator Nick McKim of the Greens, who elaborated that the threat of violence is growing and has increased over the past 18 months. ASIO's Lewis said Reclaim Australia has "offered violence" in the past and expects they will continue to when they confront pro-Islamic groups."

It seems that there is more violence between non-anti-Islamists and liberal Australians than there is between Muslims and Islam haters, as clashes at rallies have become quite common.

About two percent of Australians are Muslim, but they are flexing their muscle somewhat, as evidenced on social media pages.

Extreme Islam culture offends many Australians, especially when it involves violence. A recent report of a 42-year-old, from Iran who stabbed his wife to death for converting to Christianity in Sydney, underlines for them the alien ways of the extremist Muslim culture. Australians have always been tolerant of other cultures, but Sharia killings are over the top.

Australia - divided nation

Federal backbencher Christensen, said in a July report by the Guardian Australia, that it is important to weed out the more radical elements of Reclaim, pointing out that there is a difference between ordinary Muslims who practice their faith and radical Islamic extremists. In the same article by the news outlet, they quoted former One Nation founder Pauline Hanson who spoke at a rally in Rockhampton as saying “divisions are happening in our country and it’s purely based on Islam.” Pauline called for a total ban on Islam during the run-up to federal elections, even though, according to The Islamic Sciences & Research Academy Australia, Muslim immigration to Australia is slowing down.