Ali Gul Pir, a well-known Pakistani YouTuber and rapper, just released “Taroo Maroo”, acritical take on stalkers and men who have no respect for women in the society. The music video was published on YouTube today, featuring the music from Vital Saeens.

Pakistan boasts a talented pool of youth and Gul Pir is proof that the terrorism-struck country has more to offer to the world than generally perceived by everyone. In his latest music video, the YouTube star has focused on therising issue of “people who stare” and create an environment where women cannot go out without the fear of being stalked.

The story behind "Taroo Maroo"

"Taroo Maroo is a satirical song about people who stare. This is a form of sexual harassment faced by women in my society. We must learn to respect each other," Ali Gul Pir says in the description of the music video. To demonstrate how it looks, he played the bad role himself, in the funniest way possible.

In the music video, he is seen as a random person on a bus, in a cafe, in a car and other possible scenarios in public places, where he is seemingly stalking women. The humor and sarcastic tone reach the peak towards the end of the songwhen he vows to stalk not just attractive women, but men, kids, babies, cars, buildings, and even goats. The point made,a stalker knows no boundary.

Gul Pir is reforming society through ironic rapping

YouTuber Ali Gul Pir had previously created the famous rap video "Waderai ka Beta"which racked up over 3.5 million views onYouTube and great critical acclaim. However, after the video-sharing website was banned in Pakistan, the rapper tried to move his production to other platforms in failed attempts and eventually decided to wait until the ban was lifted.

Now that the odds look good, "Taroo Maroo" could become his biggest hit of the year.

Currently, Gul Pir has 13 videos on his YouTube channel, but only two of the videos could reach the audience of millions. The rising YouTube star has just begun to reclaim his position after the 4-year fallback and with rap music like "Taroo Maroo"he could become one of the most famous YouTubers in Pakistan.

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