A murderer and gang member in Belhar a township of the low-income group, Cape Town, South Africa created an innovative idea by digging a hole under the ground where he lived for over a year before neighbors alerted the police. He was a fugitive both from the law and other gang members. Upon my visit I witnessed there was a complete house underground; with two rooms, a kitchen and even a bathroom. Inside the underground tunnels, inside the kitchen there was a fridge and a gas stove. In the bedroom was a bed with blankets.

Entry to underground house

The entry at the surface of the underground house was cleverly hidden and was through a vehicle tyre which was covered by a piece of wood.

A neighbour who lives in a house next to the open field where the gangster created his underground house said: "I heard strange noises late at nights and I couldn't fathom what it could be. "t was right at the back of my yard. I took my dog for a walk to investigate the strange phenomenon." She also expalined that the dog led her to the entrance of the underground house. "I alerted the local police who discovered an underground lab drugs found house," she told me.

The gangster was no where to be seen and the police destroyed his dwelling. The gangster not only hid underground, but during the day-time he emerged to steal from the residents and at nights he would break in and steal valuable from the homes surrounding his underground tunnel.

Another witness who also declined to be named said: "I saw him walking with a girlfriend across the field and than would suddenly disappear into think air.

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I could not understand the strange occurrence."

A police spokesperson said: "This is nothing new in Cape Town, we have located very strange hidden places of outlaws. In one instance a criminal was living with his wife in a water drain. His wife eventually died of exposure. We received complaints from the residents and we found this guy inside the drain."

Police destroyed the dwelling

The police removed the furniture inside the underground house, but they could not locate the fugitive nor his identity. The Provincial Minister of Community safety visited the site and remarked: "My word, I could never dream of such a house!"