When most people's pet goldfish get sick, they might not notice until it is too late. That wasn't the case with an Australia woman. She was observant enough to see that something was wrong with her pet goldfish named Conquer. The one-year-old goldfish belonging to 21-year-old Emma Marsh of Brisbane, Australia recently had emergency surgery after trying to eat a pebble that was too big for it to chew or swallow. So, Emma did what most goldfish owners wouldn't do. She immediately rushed Conquer to a veterinary after she noticed the fish was making unusual movements with its tiny mouth. 

Goldfish to vet

The doctor at the Brisbane Bird and Exotics Veterinary Service knew exactly what to do to save Emma's beloved pet.

After Conquer, the ranchu goldfish, had tried to eat a pebble from the tank, it got stuck in its mouth. The vet numbed the fish so it wouldn't feel any pain during the surgery. Then with forceps, the doctor carefully extracted the pebble that had been stuck in the fish's mouth. To make sure the fish recovered properly, it was kept at the hospital overnight just like a human would have been kept. The good News is that Emma's goldfish has recovered fully and is in stable condition following the emergency surgery.

Cost of surgery 

To save her pet goldfish, Emma paid $500 in full. It is interesting to note that the owner paid only $12 when she purchased Conquer. Reportedly, Emma said she didn't mind paying that much money to save her fish because she treats fish like any other pet. In other words, people do not find it strange to pay that much money to save a dog, cat, or horse.

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A spokesperson at the hospital remarked that it was a good thing that Emma noticed there was a problem with Conquer. Because she took it to the hospital in time, the fish can now live out the rest of its life and not die and be thrown away. Would you pay $500 for a goldfish to have surgery that you initially paid only $12 for? Have you ever had a pet die? What measure could you have taken to save it?