Samsung has taken some heat for its new exploding phones. People have been burned and hospitalized as the Samsung Note 7  literally blew up. They have recalled their phones with the promise that the devices will be replaced. What may sound crazy is who they are blaming for the whole fiasco.

Samsung blames Apple for explosive phones

Samsung has taken to placing the blame on Apple. They allegedly received leaked documents which revealed secrets about Apple's upcoming iPhone. Their reaction to these documents was to add features to their own devices and speed up production to beat their competitors to the market. All of this rushing resulted in poor production and all of the damage accrued by the Samsung Note 7.

The company has since spoken about production issues in general. Samsung claims that the problem is resolved.

Samsung employs dubious methods

As with all cell phones the minerals like cobalt for their batteries are usually mined in the Democratic Republic of Congo. This is a war-torn country which has been ravaged for decades by slavery, political corruption and corporate manipulation. All of this chaos has led to a dangerous country where many are forced into labor like the cobalt mining industry under the threat of violence.

Samsung has blamed Apple for its faulty device when the blame might just be on itself. There is little to no corporate oversight in the mining of cobalt and the slave-like conditions in which it is acquired. When Samsung blames competitors for essentially rushing them they are ignoring the truth about the production of their devices. 

Is Samsung truly concerned with the harm caused by their faulty devices or even making the process better in the future? Up to now they have failed to acknowledge the harm caused by the production of batteries in the first place in the form of slave labor.

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They can blame Apple for their exploding phones but it won't make a difference until they begin to humanize the process of production regarding their own phones in the first place.