Abu Dhabi is located on the Arab Gulf Coast and extends until it reaches the desert. It occupies a total area of 70,000 square kilometers; this represents 86,7 percent of the total area of United Arab Emirates. It is considered a global city that is the political, business and cultural center of United Arab Emirates. There are many tourist attractions in Abu Dhabi.

Emirates Palace

A very luxurious hotel managed by KEMPINSKI Group; it might be the most expensive in the world.The State of Abu Dhabi paid $3 billion to build Emirates Palace, which has 400 rooms. The hotel is decorated with marble and gold.

Activities and festivals vary throughout the year. Almost no month passes without one taking place in the city. Activities include marketing, entertainment, heritage and artistic activities. Of these activities and festivals, the most significant ones attract a large number of visitors from the United Arab Emirates and abroad.They are especially entertaining when they take place near holidays and seasonal vacations. Classical Music, Art of Abu Dhabi festival, which replaces Art Paris, aims to encourage celebration of cultures and delegations. The festival also attracts the most significant people who work with art from around the world.

Sports and entertainment is here

The city hosts a Formula 1 race that takes place at Marsa Yas race circuit.

The Camels race is one of the biggest sports that are popular in United Arab Emirates. It attracts a huge number of fans from around gulf and the world. In addition to that, Ice skiing is available at many hotels. Yas Mole is the biggest shopping center in the city with 450 shops built on 235,000 square meters.

Ferrari World allows fans a taste of the high-speed drive. This biggest entertainment city takes its design from Ferrari car.

This is why Abu Dhabi has become a tourist destination for people from around the world. Tourists can search for packages to take them to this exotic locale. Once there, they will have fun and see a different culture.

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