The Russians have always laid great importance on research and development of new weapon platforms. The erstwhile Soviet Union developed their military weapons to a great degree of sophistication. They neglected other fields and concentrated on military aircraft and weapons including tanks and long range guns. The Soviet-era tanks the T-55 and T-90 are still a potent force on the battlefield. These tanks were basically simple and not costly to manufacture. Vast numbers were built and sold to friendly countries like China and India. The entire Indian army tank corps is exclusively of Russian origin.

The new generation Russian tank

After the collapse of the Soviet Union, this priority did not change and Russians continued to develop new weapons.

The latest addition is T-14 Armata tank. This tank was showcased at the military parade in Moscow to celebrate the victory over Nazi Germany. Watched by special invitees like the Chinese and Indian presidents the T-14 tank looked spectacular. Putin the Russian president basked in the glow of the latest weapon system.

Each tank costs $ 3.7 million and one will have wait and see how many of these tanks can be inducted into the Russian army. The tank carries 125mm smoothbore gun which is radar controlled. As secondary weaponry, it carries machine guns.

How good is the new tank?

According to the "Daily Mail," the T-14 is a departure from the earlier Russian concept to have weapon systems that were simple and not too sophisticated. The tank which is based on the Universal Combat platform has a great deal of sophistication.

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It is thus a complete departure from the earlier Russian tanks that were based on captured German technology. This tank is the first weapon platform that lays stress on the survivability of the crew. Perhaps this has something to do with the receding demographic profile of Russia after the breakup of the Soviet Union.

The tank is the latest generation tank and compares favorably with the new American M-1 tank. The T-14 has an operational range of 500km and a speed of 80km/hrs.  Compared to earlier Russian tanks it's lighter at 50 tons.The new Russian tank has impressed students of military history. It will be a rival to the American battle tank