Brutal urban conflict has erupted once again in the ancient city of Aleppo, Syria. War rages around the country and there are currently as many as 250,000now trapped inside the bombed citadel; helpless against the onslaught of gunfire, rockets, the encroachment of tanks, or the threat of additional airstrikes. The Syrian Army is advancing on so-called rebel positions, trapping many non-violent, non-combatant citizens in the chaos of war.

The cost of war

Airstrikes and on-going battle has already claimed as many 500 lives with many now unable to escape.

Essential public facilities such as water systems, medical facilities, and emergency services have been targeted. The situation on the ground continues to erode with no assurance of safety for anyone around the city. Advanced weaponry of all kinds can be heard and there are many fires, toxic spills, and other environmental threats to human life in addition to the ground and aerial-based conflict.

NATO has labeled the airstrikes on Aleppo as violating international law and is calling on Russia to take meaningful effort to reinstate a cease fire.

The global refugee crisis is unprecedented. Around the world, more people than ever are finding themselves displaced. Uprooted from their homes, and forced into uncertainty, the challenges faced by this global community are truly staggering.

A humanitarian crisis

Just earlier this week, the United Nations passed a declaration which grants Human Rights protections to displaced persons and migrant workers.

It is essential that the international community band together to support the peace process at this time. The global cost of conflict is truly unimaginable. Wars are being fought in the Middle East, Africa, Asia and Europe, among others.

As the humanitarian situation in Aleppo and all of Syria expands, individuals and families are forced to live in fear. It is essential that all global citizens support the peace process.

It is important for humanitarian resolutions to be discovered ahead of an escalation of violence. The global toll of war is immense but so is the opportunity to be gained by peace.

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