Donald J. Trump who is the Republican Party nominee has been making political headlines ever since he made public his intention to vie for the position of the president of the United States of America. The Republican presidential candidate continues to make the controversial allegations that have made political news headlines since the beginning of his political campaign. He was fingered in the President Barack Obama 2008 birth certificate allegation.

Donald Trumpthrough his particular manner of political correctness, and his slogan of “Make America Great Again” has retained that slogan and intends to repatriate all the illegal immigrants, prohibit certain religious practices.

He also wants to build a great wall between the United States and Mexico, which he intends to make the Mexican government pay the costs thereof..

He repeatedly questions President Obama citizenship and his birthplace, based on his conviction that President Obama was born outside of the United States of America. Mr. Trump's accusation on the "birther" took a different turn on the Republican nominee when he was confronted with facts and detailed evidence. Then he quickly deflected the blame to his political opponent when he received backlash on the issue.

Donald Trump 2016 testimony blamed Hillary Clinton for Obama citizenship controversy

Mr. Trump's impression about President Obama as an immigrant and as an illegitimate citizen of the United States of American was referenced to unconfirmed information released against president Obama during his 2008 electioneering campaign.

Again, when President Barack Obama took the office in his first term, several antagonists including Donald Trump triggered this same cheap blackmail which ignited public disputes among Present Obama wider critics.

Republican presidential nominee, Donald Trump was among the highest-profiled individuals who stirred up the legitimacy of president Obama on the ground of his birthplace.

Obama later made his birth certificate and supplementary proof public and this discredited all the claims of theTrump camp in 2008. After the documents were duly verified this set the record straight.

The issue was again triggered by the Republican Party loyalists in the current phase of electioneering.

Although Donald Trump declined to speak about it, however, he held a press conference on Friday 16th of September, 2016 where he decided to blame Hillary Clinton for the propaganda. He told a room of reporters that “President Barack Obama was born in the United States, period" according to Blasting News expert, Robert Sobel.

Donald Trump blame games on Hillary Clinton campaign

Donald Trump declared that "Hillary Clinton and her campaign of 2008 started the birther controversy," while he took it to the climax and finished it. Trump quickly changed the topic and concentrated on other issues during the press conference. TheTrump camp recently claimed that Hillary Clinton's health has deteriorated worse than what her doctor pronounced.

The group went as far as claiming that she has a double, as per rumors on social media which there was a different Hillary Clinton before she suffered dehydration and after she stepped out in style from her daughter’s apartment. TheTrump camp claimed to have noticed a clear difference in the two images.

However, Mrs. Clinton is back with the public and sensitizing her wider supporters about distractions from opposition camps and how to remain resolute in her campaign progress. She spoke with press and news reporters, although she looked weak and tired but she was not the replica claimed by Mr. Trump's supporters.

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