Since the days of World War II, Wycliffe Well has had a reputation as an unexpected site for all things strange and unexplained. Located along the Stuart Highway in Davenport, Australia, on the easternmost edge of the Tanami Desert, this town has served as a stopover between the two towns of Alice Springs and Tennant Creek.

How did this tiny town become Australia’s UFO capital?

According to two respected news portals (Time Magazine and The Sun Herald) this area is ranked as one of the top spots in the world for UFO sightings. Arguably, this isn’t a cosmopolitan city like Sydney, drawing tourists with promises of glitzy night-life or other tourist attractions.

But who knows what kind of landscape aliens prefer? Maybe quiet and flat is more suitable to their tastes?

This little oasis, which is situated on the top of a high water table, has attracted visitors since the mid-19th century when it was a popular roadhouse. It was perfect for this purpose as it was one of the few decent places along the remote stretch of land that offered decent food and lodging for the workers from the Overland Telegraph Line in the 1860s. During the 1940s, Wycliffe Well was still a working roadhouse offering sustenance, but its clientele were mostly military service personnel. In 1960, a petrol pump was added to accommodate passing vehicles.

The UFO sightings began after World War II.

Although little had changed over the years in terms of Wycliffe Well serving as a way-station, there were so many UFO sightings that the Royal Australian Air Force conducted its own investigation and the managers of the roadhouse keep an ongoing log of UFO sightings, which are still reported from time to time.

Wycliffe Well is today a unique Australian tourist attraction.

Wycliffe Well Holiday Park is a large area contained within a land mass totaling about 60 acres. It is a unique and enjoyable place to visit for both young and old. The roadhouse even has its own souvenir shop, and two green and very strange alien creatures adorn the front entrance of the park, beckoning to those who dare to step further inside.

The tavern at Wycliffe Well boasts really good beer and promises the vision of aliens and pink elephants (other colors available upon request) to both those who believe and those who don’t. For the truth about UFOs soaring across the night skies of Wycliffe Well, one must come and find the answer for oneself.

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