UN peacekeepers have proven impotent as African savages practice rape against defenseless women in the republic of South Sudan. The savages, clothed in government uniforms in at least two attacks in the Capitol city of Juba, attacked western aid workers July 11 and a Nuer woman was reportedly dragged from a few hundred yards outside a UN base and raped by two Dinka soldiers from the Sudan People’s Liberation Army July 17.

‘Peacekeepers’ watched

The July 17 attack occurred within sight of Chinese and Nepalese troops rented out to the UN as peacekeepers. The troops were armed, according to the Associated Press.

They were on foot, in an armored personnel carrier and in a guard tower. The UN peacekeepers only action was to watch. This attack is a microcosm of a larger problem in South Sudan, according to experts. Tribalism has splitthe country since it declared independence in 2005. Civil war is common. Human Rights Watch reported that soldiers targeted “non-Dinka civilians” to kill, loot and rape during the month.

“Soldiers killed and raped civilians and extensively looted civilian property, including humanitarian goods, during and after clashes between government and opposition forces inSouth Sudan’scapital, Juba, in July," Human Rights Watch says. In many cases, government forces appeared to target non-Dinka civilians.

The human rights’ group also received reports of abuses committed by the SPLA-in-Opposition, but could not independently verify them.

Western women attacked

UN forces did nothing a week earlier when SPLA troops attacked a housing facility for UN and international aid workers near Jepal. “Either you have sex with me, or we make every man here rape you and then we shoot you in the head,” an SPLA “soldier” allegedly told a victim July 11, according to the Telegraph.

She agreed and was eventually raped by 15 troops. Another Western woman said soldiers beat her with fists and threatened her with their guns when she tried to resist.A Nuer journalist, John Gatluak, was killed and Americans were singled out for terrorist acts to be perpetrated against, but the U.S. embassy reportedly did nothing.

Some witnesses said soldiers cheered as they took turns raping a woman or two women in a room, according to Human Rights Watch.

More of the same?

The international protectorshave expressed alarm that the South Sudanese could do such a thing. Further, the UN secretary general was “concerned about allegations that [the UN Mission in South Sudan] did not respond appropriately to prevent this and other grave cases of sexual violence committed,” a spokesman said. If the 12,500 UN troops under Kenyan Lieutenant-General Johnson Mogoa Kimani Ondieki is not enough, the UN Security Council authorized another 4,000 troops Aug. 12. When they will be deployed is unknown. If these soldiers only watch when war crimes are committed against civilians, what good are they?

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