President Erdogan is a strong-willed man. He has now decided to project the Turkish form of Islam all over the world as well as show the world that Turkey is the dominant Muslim power. The Turks are Sunni but the Islam they follow is different from the Wahabbi concept as followed in Saudi Arabia and by ISIS. The Turkish plan is to construct close to 30 massive mosque complexes across 5 continents. These will be mega -mosques and different from the ones constructed by the Saudis. The Turks will erect women-friendly mosques and extremist rhetoric will not be allowed.

Concept of the Turkish mosques

The mosques will be cultural centers and have cafes, shops, and learning centers.

They will represent the milder form of Sunni Islam as compared to the strictly regimented form of Islam as projected by Saudi Arabia. Erdogan has got his inspiration for the mosques from history and he would like the world to know about the glory of the Ottoman empire and great rulers like Sulieman the Magnificent.

The comparatively milder form of Sunni Islam as followed in Turkey is favorably looked upon by the West and the USA. The Turks will project their form of Islam and also show the world they are the dominant Muslim power which has inherited the legacy of the Ottoman empire.

Mosque construction

The mosques are planned to be constructed in far away places like the Philippines and Cuba (Havana). Three mosques are planned in the United States. However, no giant mosques are planned in the larger Arab nations or the Catholic nations in Europe, who have a history of fighting the Turks like Greece, Armenia or Austria.

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In fact, they do not plan these mega-mosque complexes in Catholic nations as well like France, Italy, Poland, Belgium, Spain, and Portugal. The mosques will be constructed in Europe in countries that are Protestant or orthodox and at places which have a sizeable Muslim population like Tirana.

The reason Turkey has not planned to construct mosques in the Catholic nations is because of the history of tensions between the Catholics and the Ottomans, which go back to hundreds of years. However, critics of these mosques in Turkey point out that Erdogan is spending public money without any sanction and his sole aim is to build palaces to show his own power.