One of the biggest royal tombs belonging to the secretive Mayan Civilization has been uncovered by archeologists. The burial site excavatedby archeologists working in Belize contained a male corpse which was accompanied by animal bones, obsidian blades, and hieroglyphic panels, which strongly suggest the person belonged to royalty,whowas buried along with ornate artifacts, and possibly his pets.

The international team of archeologists uncovered the secret tomb in Xunantunich, an ancient city in Western Belize. Historic records consistently indicate the place was commonly used by the Maya civilization for ceremonies.

The burial site was hidden under the stairway of a temple. Speaking about the find, team leader Jaime Awe from Northern Arizona University said the temple might have been above the tomb with the primary purpose of enclosing it. He added that an architectural feature is extremely rare and highly unusual for the typical Mayan architecture.

Who was the royalty in the Mayan tomb?

While the archeologists are still trying to piece together the life and identity of the royalty, preliminary investigations indicate the man buried in the royal tomb died when he was between 20 and 30 years of age.

By the skeletal structure, it was evident he was muscular, and by the artifacts discovered around him, it was clearthe man belonged to royalty.

Among the relics the man was buried with, researchers discovered 13 obsidian blades and 36 ceramic vessels. In another area of the tomb, they discovered “offering caches” containing nine obsidian blades and 28 flint figurines that were ornately carved into various symbols befitting royalty, and animal shapes.

Bones belonging to a jaguar and a deer, alongside jade beads, which might have once adorned the man’s neck, were also discovered.

Clues to the‘Snake Dynasty’:

The hieroglyphics discovered in the tomb reportedly belong to the “snake dynasty”, a family that ruled the Mayan empire about 1,300 years ago.

The dynastyused a snake-head emblem as their symbol.

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