The aircraft carrier is an extension of Giulio Douhet's theory of the omnipotence of airpower. it is a floating platform for offense and carrying the national flag to the far corners of the 7 seas. The aircraft carrier is a sign of military domination and is a handy tool in far away areas. The pentagon is aware of the potency of air power in distant areas and thus operates 10 powerful aircraft carriers of the Nimitz class.

The US super carriers

These are supercarriers and the USA uses them to protect the sea lanes of the world and also to mount strikes against organizations that threaten world peace. In short, they are the face of US power and by corollary carry the writ of the USA to the far corners of the world. Anyone can ask a question if the US navy can operate these supercarriers what stops other nations from operating similar carriers? The fact is there are none available with any navy, and that includes Russia, China, and India. 

The Russians have one Kuznetsov-class carrier, but it is plagued by mechanical problems and the Chinese navy also have one, but it's more of a training ship and not combat ready.

The Indian aircraft carrier is more in dry dock than on the high seas and the UK does not have any.

Any rival to US carriers?

However, there is one carrier that matches the US fleet carrier and that is the French nuclear-powered Charles De Gaule. The ship is the pride of the French fleet  and was used  to fight the Islamic state in Syria and Libya. The carrier performed so well that the US navy awarded it the Meritorious Unit Commendation in June this year. President Hollande announced on 13th June that the aircraft carrier would be re-deployed against ISIS in the Middle East.

The Charles De Gaulle is really much smaller than the US carriers, but it is in the medium-sized category and there is no competition there. The Russians and Chinese don't quite measure up. Perhaps they are too costly and their economy cannot sustain the construction and expense of such mega warships.

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