Reportedly the fisherman cast down his anchor, only to find it had wedged onto a rock during a storm. According to Aileen Cynthia Maggay-Amurao, a tourism officer in the Philippines, the fisherman then had to dive down to free the anchor, only to find it was stuck on a huge shell, rather than a rock, so he brought the shell up to the surface and took it home. This happened back in 2006 off the coast of Palaway Island in the Philippines and the contents of that shell turned out to be a 75-pound giant pearl, measuring 1 ft in width and 2.2 ft in length. From that date the fisherman put the shell under his bed and pretty much forgot about it – until now.

According to Mashable, there was a fire at the fisherman's house and he had to move out and when he did, he handed his treasure over to authorities, who then identified the pearl as having originally come from a giant clam.

Filipino fisherman’s find to go on display

Valued at some $100 million, the giant pearl will now go on display and will be unveiled to the public in Puerto Princesa on the island. According to Maggay-Amurao in a recent Facebook post, this latest giant pearl is said to be five times larger than the previous record- breaking pearl, dubbed the Pearl of Allah, found close to the Palawan Island back in 1939. That previous record-breaker weighed in at 6.4 kg and was worth a mere $34 million. You can see the giant pearl in the photos below. Certainly not something your auntie would wear around her neck:

Filipino good luck charm turns into multi-million treasure

Speaking of the new find, she said the fisherman had no idea what it was worth and decided to keep the huge pearl as a good luck charm.

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When he eventually took the pearl to the tourism office, they were amazed. Maggay-Amurao says they now need help from gemologists in order to fully certify the find. Reportedly they have been in touch with Gemologist Institute and other international authorities in the field. Maggay-Amurao went on to say that they believe Puerto Princesa is going to earn yet another prestigious title for the record-breaking find, for having discovered the largest natural giant pearl from a giant clam. She hopes that the pearl will bring more tourists to their city. According to ITV News, she does, however, strongly discourage locals from seeking out, disturbing or removing giant clams such as this one from the ocean, as this adversely affects the biodiversity surrounding the Palawan Island.

Reportedly giant clams have been known to reach more than four feet in length, but rarely produce pearls, making the Filipino fisherman’s amazing discovery extremely rare. It just goes to show, one man’s lucky charm is another man’s treasure.