Pastor Evan Mawarire, who is calling for Zimbabweans to make their country great again survived an attempted abduction last night. In a video posted to Facebook, he said that it had been a tough night as some men tried to abduct him against his will.

Origin of This Flag.

The movement for change started when Evan made his original This Flag video – a simple story of why he feels so heartbroken over what the Flag of Zimbabwe should mean to the people of their country and what it actually represents under a corrupt government.


The video went viral and inspired many ordinary citizens of the country to join up in a social media protest and stay-aways in an attempt to force the government to listen to them.

Citizen demands.

The demands were reiterated once again in his latest video following his attempted abduction. He lists them as firing corrupt ministers, the removal of police checkpoints, paying civil servants on time and the end of bond notes that are not the answer to the current economic woes.


He described them as bringers of “poverty.” 

Government appeal.

Mawarire said that more young people have been arrested and he pointed out that they don’t “understand why these arrests are taking place as all they are trying to do is to build (the) nation.” He appealed to the government, saying “Mr. Government why can you not extend a hand that says 'I agree' or that says ‘let’s discuss,” His questioned why.....they always extend "handcuffs,” and lock people away, calling them enemies just because they disagree.

More stay-aways planned.

The government calls an activist an enemy because they have challenged the status quo, according to Pastor Evan. The Pastor encouraged the activists to continue and called on citizens to participate in another mass stay-away next week, saying, “I know it is tough,but we must be tougher.” He feels that peaceful stay-aways are the “only way that this government will understand." He reminded the citizens that the way to save Zimbabwe is through support for change.

Zimbabwe great again.

Evan reiterated that they are doing this civil action because they love their country - not because they hate it. When he talks of the Zimbabwe that they want – a country that they can be proud of, his message is direct and very moving.  He said that they “want a Zimbabwe that can welcome back its citizens from abroad” so they can rebuild their nation and it can be a place where “ideas can be developed,” a place where things can be “shared, challenged and exported.” He wants to see a Zimbabwe that has ‘infrastructure” and an environment in which business can “flourish.” Emphatically he stated that “This is the Zimbabwe we want.”

Is the pastor a terrorist?

This man does not sound like a revolutionary.


He does not sound like the “terrorist" that the government has resorted to calling those who are demanding change. He sounds like a caring man of God who is talking perfect sense to a government who does not want to hear the cries of their own citizens. This is a man who reminds his followers that God is with them and quoted the psalms to give them courage. His blessings come across as genuine and at the end, he almost looked like he was going to cry.


The way forward is indeed going to be tough and hard and no doubt there will be more arrests, more beatings, and more abductions and before this is over the citizens must surely realize that bullets could still fly their way in the streets, despite his persistent calls for non-violent protest action.

Very strong support.

Support for the pastor is strong, and this is shown by the 1.6 million likes on this video update in the first  7 hours. But whilst the government may view him as an enemy, he is carrying out his mandate as pastor from God, to care for his flock, to lead his people out of the darkness and into the light. Just watch the video yourself and decide if this man is a terrorist or not.

It is not possible for some reason to embed the video, but the link can be found via this tweet below:

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