A 38-year-old Bangkok Thailand man by the name of Attaporn Boonmakchuay had a very frightening an unusual bathroom experience involving a 10-foot python and his manhood according to reports. Attaporn revealed he was going about his daily bathroom business and while sitting on the toilet he was suddenly attacked by a huge snake that sank it's fangs into his penis.

Weird python attack occurs.

He reveals he called for his wife and the help of a neighbor to remove the strong snake's grip. Imagine their surprise when they entered the bathroom to find the guy wrestling a massive snake that had bitten into his genitals. It was probably the last thing they expected to see when they came running to the horrified cries for help.

Dismantled the plumbing.

The snake's grip was finally released and the toilet was soon dismantled as helpers pulled the long muscular python from the plumbing. How the snake slithered it's way into the toilet is not yet known. It will, however, make one think twice when visiting the restroom after reading this report. Luckily the man was not severely injured.

Not uncommon to find toilet bandits.

Surprisingly, python bites are not uncommon, and this is not the only tale of a python slithering into a home through the toilet. Snakes are not the only toilet bandits to have made the News; there are reports that rats also enter toilets through the sewer systems.

How to handle an unwanted toilet intruder.

This is some very concerning news! It is a safe bet that all who read this post will surely take the time to check out the toilet before sitting down.

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in fact,  there will also most likely be some serious eyeballing between the legs by toilet users from now on. It seems that snakes and rats have been leading the toilet attacks over the years. One report even offered tips on how to react if you ever found a rat or snake in your toilet. The first rule is to remain calm, although that might require strenuous effort. Second keep the lid down and flush.

We see this scenario a little differently, staying calm - probably not, putting the lid down, maybe, and hightailing out of the bathroom as fast as you could with your pants around your ankles a fact. How would you react to a snake/rat toilet situation?