The United States most formidable warship is the USS Eisenhower named after Gen. Dwight Eisenhower, Supreme Allied commander in World war II and later president (1952-1960). This aircraft carrier is nuclear-powered and has 6000 sailors. The ship was commissioned in 1975 and presently is deployed in the Persian Gulf to counter the Islamic militants in the garb of the ISIS.

USS Eisenhower is floating city

The  aircraft carrier is a veritable floating township. It is self-contained in all aspects and is a floating fortress. Aircraft carriers like the Eisenhower are the exponents of American power on the globe. It belongs to the Nimitz class of carriers and displaces more than 100,000 tons.

The carrier has the latest ECM and armament. It carries 90 aircraft and helicopters. Just for the record, the United States has 10 Nimitz class carriers that are an exponent of U.S. power on a global scale. No country in the world has a comparable aircraft carrier to the Nimitz-class of warships. The aircraft carrier was deployed close to the Iranian coast during the hostage crisis in 1980, but its aircraft were not used as the Iranians had threatened to kill the hostages. 

Present operations show force

The aircraft carrier has been operating in support of forces in Afghanistan and Iraq. Its role now is of great importance as the aircraft takeoff at regular intervals to bomb ISIS targets in Iraq. The ISIS is hard pressed as it has no air cover and the air space is an American preserve. The planes are supporting the government offensive against the ISIS.

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The air bombardment has had a telling effect and the ISIS has recently been thrown out of Fallujah. On their own, the government forces that are mainly Shia could not have dislodged the Sunni Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. The government forces are now planning to capture Mosul, which is the headquarters of the ISIS. Obviously. Without American air support, the government forces would never be able to take Mosul. The Eisenhower is doing a great job as it carries the U.S. flag all over the globe.