It all began in 2011, when protesters were against the authoritarian leader, Bashar al-Assad, who demanded a significant reform of Syria's government. The government's response was so evidently drastic by killing, imprisoning and torturing protesters and it reached to a peak when there was an all time high of protesters being silenced and killed. The surviving protesters and families affected retaliated and took it into their own hands to respond as brutally as their government; they received their own weapons and attacked the government's "Palace". This led to a full blown civil war and has become a heartbreaking conflict among Syrians which has lasted for the past 5 years.

Till this day half of Syria's population are now refugees in countries like the UK, Russia, Turkey and the U.S. to mention a few. And the masses of these Syrians are left traumatised, homeless and even orphaned.

Global impact on economy.

While looking at the global economy, Syria's war has a negative impact on neighbouring and international countries. It could add another $10 to the price of oil which would affect the global economic growth by 0.25%. Another negative impact on Syria and globally is the loss of a large percentage of the workforce, through deaths and disabilities that leaves the nation of Syria disastrously and most likely bankrupt.

Countries far away are impacted.

Even though a country like South Africa seems to be in no danger in regards to Syria's downfall, you may be mistaken.

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South Africa is also to be affected with the reduction reserves on cash, food, fuel and a loss of family members that reside in Syria. A percentage of South Africa's citizens are affected by the war such as the soldiers that took part in fighting the civil war. This either causes conflict or kills the hope of creating peace between both countries working together in future.

As the years continue to drag on, it is unclear how long Syria and the lives of millions of Syrians will continue to endure the displacement of their homes, the pain, the suffering, the violence and the death of their loved ones.