Calling a 3-year-old a "monarchist monster" is ludicrous and saying that a lick of ice cream could kill the animal is even more ridiculous, especially since it isn't known if the dog actually took Prince George up on the offer. How can anyone target an innocent 3-year-old child, royal or not, for wanting to share his ice cream with his dog? 

Animal cruelty is a stretch

Kate and William are accused of bestowing "animal cruelty" on Lupo, the family dog. This came after Kate posted the most adorable picture of Prince George holding up his ice cream and offering it to his dog. Kate and William posted a group of adorable photos as they celebrate Prince George turning 3, reports the Daily Mail. It was the picture above that started an online fury, with a couple of people going way over the line making disturbing claims.

Up in arms

According to the animal lovers who came out on social media, they warn that the experts convey that both dairy products and chocolate can cause a dog digestive problems. They also warn that some dogs are allergic to dairy products, like ice cream. This is a kid, royal or not, offering the dog a lick of ice cream. If you had a nickle for every time this happened on a hot summer day with a family pet, you'd be a wealthy person.

It can be dangerous to give a dog chocolate and this is something many dog owners are aware of, but some believe it is just the brown chocolate dogs shouldn't have. As far as ice cream goes, that isn't exactly common knowledge that it is bad for a dog, as many folks give their pups that cool treat once in a while.

This outrage might very well be for nothing as you can see in the picture above Lupo doesn't appear the least bit interested in the summertime treat.

Top Videos of the Day

The fact that this young boy was willing to share his treat with his pup is the endearing point of the picture. One Twitter user took her crusade too far calling George a "monarch monster." 

A bit over the top

This same Twitter user posted "Never give a dog ice cream! At worst: it'll die, At best: the dog will have diarrhea everywhere!" An animal charity reported online that adult dogs are "deficient in lactose" which is needed for the digestion of dairy products. Not all dogs have this problem though.

Chocolate of all kinds, even white chocolate, contains a chemical that is harmful to dogs. The chemical theobromine in chocolate can cause an irregular heartbeat, seizures, tremors and even death in dogs. It can also cause vomiting, diarrhea, and dehydration, which are the least deadly symptoms.      

Dog didn't appear interested

The pictures of Prince George are adorable, but it is too bad they are over shadowed with disparaging words about the dog being fed ice cream. It looks more like Lupo made an offer that he could refuse and apparently did, as there's no evidence of ice cream on the pup's face.

It could be that Kate and William were unaware of the dangers of chocolate or ice cream when it comes to a dog. Many people believe if a product is safe for human consumption it is also safe for dogs to eat. Again, it looked as though Lupo passed up his chance to take a royal lick of ice cream in the picture.