After the referendum which has seen Britain exit the EU, there has been uncertainty in the global stock market causing stocks to plunge to a record low in decades. One is left to wonder if the global economy has a mind of its own. There are indeed going to be consequences for leaving the EU, however, painting a totally gloomy picture may be another form of oppression.

British Society After Brexit.

We must be careful so that the British and indeed the global economy will not be left in the hands of script writers who had expressed their disdain towards Brexit. We should also remember that there are those who are eager to take advantage of our fears and uncertainty for economic gain.

The self-fulfilling prophecy is used to describe a situation where an individual seeks to justify a bias, opinion or judgment such as a negative pre-dispositon towards leaving the EU, that he/she begins to deliberately act in order to make it happen or proclaim to others about his prior knowledge that a situation will occur. We simply act out what we want and see to it that it manifests by any means.

A teacher could dislike a pupil and may begin to act in ways to make the child less committed, indifferent and lazy, culminating in poor academic performance. He then walks up to the school head saying, “Did I not tell you”? “He has nothing in his brains”. Our opinions on economic issues are the same.

Leaving Europe could be a blessing.

Those aggrieved by the exit of Britain from the EU shouldn’t watch in excitement how the economy will collapse as if though their businesses are incorporated in the moon.

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Leaving Europe could be a blessing in disguise. Before joining the EU, Britain has always been economically strong and that status is not likely to change.

Economic isolation is not economic starvation. Although in an increasingly inter-connected global economy, political isolation can strain the economy, yet it is not a suicide attempt. China, under Chairman Mao embraced a closed economic system which later strengthened its local industrial sector. Early shivers in the economy are normal and will soon wither if Britain re-invent herself.

The Nationalistic agenda could however overshadow the economic gains of a Post-Brexit Britain. Calls and protests for equal opportunity, religious freedom and welfare system especially for migrants will become an issue. The gloomy picture is not about the economy but that of social relations that shape it.