When we think of WW2, we think of Hitler, and the abominations he pursues in his quest for world domination. We think of Germany and the Great Depression.

Rarely do people ever think of the Concentration camps that the Jews had to endure. In this article, I will cover the Popes visit to the prison.

The pope began his visit to Auschwitz this week and was shocked by what he saw. The history of this place screams in pain as the families of the victims remember the horrors of what they were taught.

The Pope of Rome Italy visited one of the worst places from world war two.On his visit, He wanted to be alone. He asked God for the grace to cry. 

During his visit, He spent a considerable amount of time in the cell of a Catholic Friar who took the place of a condemned man.

Pope Francis is one of three Popes to ever visit Auschwitz, preceded by Pope John Paul II on June 7th, 1979 and Pope Benedict XVI on May 28th, 2006.  

Pope's Visit

During the Popes visit, he asked to be alone so that he could pray and he even asked the Lord for the Grace to cry. Francis also visited as said earlier,the cell of a Friar that took the place of a condemned Jew. 

The Pope made his way to Block 11 where German guards tortured prisoners in unthinkable, unimaginable ways. Down in the basement of the building which houses 28 dark cells where the Friar was held.

 The Friar's name was Rev Maximilian Kolbe who volunteered to die in the stranger's place in 1941.

Pope signs the guest book

On the way out of the cell block where the Friar was held, Pope Francis signed the guest book to show his support for the victims and to show the world he was there.

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In Spanish, he wrote, "Lord have mercy on your people and forgive the cruelty that was shown here."

More than 1.7 million people visited the camp complex of Auschwitz last year to pay their respects to the victims that were brutalized and murdered there so long ago.

The gas chambers and furnaces

During the horrible time, the camp was in operation; prisoners were executed in mass quantity in gas chambers and thrown into furnaces to cremate their bodies. 

Many innocent lives were extinguished there, the Guards having no remorse. Most of the furnaces have been torn down, but it is said you can still smell the charred bodies. 

In conclusion, Man kinds history is tainted with murder and attempts to achieve world domination. 

Hitler and the Nazis were not the first and will not be the last. I urge you all to study up on this sad, cold event and pay respects to the victims and their families.