The madness created around the Pokémon GOgame is considered to have led to several robberies against a few careless players. However, according to Reuters, the game’s Pokémon contributed to easing the relationships of some communities and helped the police in arresting a dangerous suspect.

Very interactive

This controversial application that was created by the American software manufacturer Niantic for Nintendo has the ambition of modifying the predominant paradigm in the world of video games, convincing players to leave the comforts of their home and take it to the streets to hunt Pokémon in the augmented reality.

A Pokémon GO player has to monitor the screen in search of these virtual characters that appear in different areas, from office buildings to restaurants, museums and others. Players receive points for fulfilling various objectives set by the game and for each Pokémon they catch.

Private property owners are not pleased with the application

But Pokémon are not welcomed everywhere. Several cemeteries, including the Arlington National Cemetery, located in the outskirts of Washington, have requested the players not to get into these areas in search of Pokémon. Also, the US Holocaust Museum requested to be excluded from this game.

Bullies against Pokémon GO players

Some people driving an SUV launched some fireworks towards a group of people playing Pokémon GO on Monday morning, on the streets of Boca Raton, Florida. According to the police there were no casualties from this incident. However, the most shocking case was the finding of a 19-year-old girl from Wyoming who was seeking some Pokémon in a location on a river bank and found a corpse instead.

The number of car accidents increased so quickly

The same game is considered responsible for the increasing number of car accidents.

A driver parked his car illegally within the campus of Texas A & M as he rushed outside the car to catch a Pokémon. Another car hit a tree on a street in Auburn, New York while the driver was playing Pokémon GO.

Dangerous suspects were also caught due to the game

At the same time, Pokémon helped the police catch a dangerous suspect and helped improve the image of the local authorities in communities where there had been tensions between civilians and the security forces. Two Pokémon players that were hunting on Tuesday in a park in Fullerton managed to catch a suspect wanted by the police for several offenses, including attempted murder.

They were alerted by other players about the strange behavior of a man who was stalking the passing women and inappropriately touching children, so they took the initiative to call the police and they detained the suspect until the police arrived.

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