Her name has featured prominently in the News and on social media especially after the Dallas shooting. She’s been labeled controversial and even racist but just who is Tomi Lahren? Tomi currently hosts the show ‘Tomi’ that features on TheBlaze; a channel owned by Glenn Beck. She was previously the host of ‘On Point with Tomi Lahren’ that features on One America News Network.

How she rose to fame

She shot to fame in July 2015 while still working for OAN when her rant against president Obama went viral. The rant was occasioned by the shooting to death of four US marines in Chattanooga. She blamed the shooting on radical Islam; a phrase that the political class shied away from then.

Tomi speaks passionately about the US marines and understandably so since in her own words, ‘she comes from a family of marines’ from her grandpa, two of her uncles and even her boyfriend who is a Navy Seal.

Tomi Lahren's recent controversies.

Following the Dallas shooting, there has been a fierce contest between the ‘black lives matter’ and ‘blue lives matter’ movements where heated exchanges have been witnessed on twitter via #BlackLivesMatter that advocates for equality and justice for black people and #BlueLivesMatter which is pro-police. Tomi supports the ‘blue lives matter’ camp.

Tomi Lahren Refers to Obama as an ‘Instigator’.

Following president Obama’s speech at the Dallas Shooting Memorial, the outspoken commentator again took to her Final Thoughts segment labeling the president an instigator to the violence while also referring to ‘two Black Attorney Generals’ as having aggravated the racial division problem in America.

Tomi Lahren’s Reference to the Black Lives Matter Movement as ‘The New KKK’.

In a tweet that has been deleted following its uproar, Tomi had tweeted:Meet the new KKK, they call themselves ‘Black Lives Matter’ but make no mistake their goals are far from equality. #Dallas #bluelivesmatter”

Petition to fire Tomi.

A petition started by Natia Brown on change.org seeking to have TheBlaze fire Tomi already has over 40,000 followers.

Her boss, Glenn Beck has already come to her defense. In a long post titled “Disagree or Be Fired”, Glenn says: I will never fire someone for voicing an opinion – especially if we disagree.” While appearing on CNN’s ‘Reliable Sources’, Baltimore Sun’s media critic, David Zurawik castigated Tomi for this tweet calling her ignorant and reckless.

“As a journalist, what you did appalls me”, David said. Tomi responded insisting that her role is that of a commentator and not a journalist and that she was entitled to her opinions adding that she was being criticized for her honesty.

Tomi Lahren and Jesse Williams.

Jesse Williams bagged the BET 2016 Humanitarian Award. His acceptance speech which paid homage to black activists earned him praise and ridicule in equal measure. Tomi was definitely not amused with the speech as she complained about what she termed as ‘victimhood’ on stage. Her tirade continued where she said that according to her, ‘The BET definition of a humanitarian is someone who perpetuates a war on cops’.

Tomi Lahren Vs Beyonce following her Halftime Super Bowl Performance.

In February this year, she was at it again where she blasted Beyonce following her Super Bown halftime performance where she and her dancers appeared to pay tribute to the Black Panthers and by extension the Black Lives Matter movements.

in the rant, she accused Beyonce of 'perpetuating the great battle of the races' and even dragged Jay-Z into it reminding him of his past as a drug dealer. Regarding him, she said: "Your husband was a drug dealer. For fourteen years, he sold crack cocaine. Talk about protecting black neighborhoods? Start at home." Jay-Z has since responded to the criticism appearing in the track 'Drug Dealers Anonymous' by Pusha T.

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