When mainstream media decided to assassinate the character of Oscar Pistorius, a pleasant person who made his county proud as a Paralympian before he tragically shot and killed his girlfriend in a terrible accident, they incited worldwide hate to simply make some money. Nothing sells like hatred, rage, anger, murder, and disgust – so nobody in mainstream media wrote about the good things he did with his life. Nobody, other than independent writers had the courage to talk about how he was used as a pawn by the media, the justice department and various self-interested groups.

Advocate says retrial should have been ordered.

Advocate Daily.com reported that Christopher Hicks, a Canadian Advocate spoke to CTV and said in the interview, “Everybody has made mistakes.

The trial judge made a mistake; the South African Court of Appeal made a mistake,” He then went on to say that “When [prosecutors] went to appeal, the appeal court overturned the acquittal on manslaughter instead of ordering a new trial and imposed a conviction upon him for murder. That’s patently wrong. They should have ordered a new trial.”

Dolus conviction outdated.

He also mentioned that the lesser charge of Dolus murder is so old and outdated that his conviction based on that is almost an “embarrassment.” Du Toit Attorneys of South Africa predicted two years ago that the Oscar trial would place the “South African legal system under the microscope like never before.”

Public a tool of the media.

Public opinion, on the whole, is one of vitriolic hate and social media is spilling over with people celebrating that the “cold-blooded murderer” finally gets to go to jail.

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This, despite the fact that his conviction by Dolus, means that even the courts acknowledged no premeditated intent to murder his girlfriend. The public has had their minds poisoned by the media, and the hate-filled citizens of South Africa have therefore become as much a tool of the media bank accounts as Oscar himself. As Hicks said, the South African justice global reputation has suffered and fallen into a sinkhole. Even the Mail&Guardian, a leading South African news outlet asked in June 2013 if the Media was going too far, saying that the "Media coverage of the Pistorius trial is close to breaking constitutional principles."

Fallen hero syndrome.

The entire fiasco has made South Africa look like idiots; the prosecution's Gerrie Nell came across as though he had some personal vendetta or publicity campaign on the go, and the South African people have come across as a vindictive, immature and a hate-filled nation fuelled by fallen hero syndrome.

Assassination for profit.

Hicks points out that South Africa now appears to be a country “incapable of enlightened thought – let alone being able to apply justice “on murder sentencing.” The reputation of South Africa in the world of global justice has suffered; normal, everyday good people have turned into unreasoning vigilante-types who would rip Oscar limb from limb if they could and the man at the centre of the controversy has been destroyed – and the reason for all of this lies in the indisputable fact that the media moguls made big money off the whole drama.

Today Oscar was sentenced to six years imprisonment. His lawyer has the right to appeal.