With the surge of terror attacks growing In number, The world has become more watchful, and Terror group ISIS has become more predictable. Trump cannot blame this one on Obama.

Plot against Kuwait

Kuwait sources reported during the fourth of July weekend, that seven Kuwaiti nationals confessed to police they got "courses from the terrorist association." On July 7, Saudi and Kuwaiti powers captured three siblings required in the bombarding. The one in Kuwait has been sent to Saudi Arabia. Another sibling was captured after he took an interest in a shootout "that injured two policemen." The fourth sibling dwells with ISIS in Syria. Authorities discovered "takfiri books, the substance which propels the desire for battle and committing terrorist acts".

There are clues the terrorists leave behind, that indicate the motive of all terror plots, that lead the authorities to believe they were terror attacks or plots. Most of the time, If the attack was successful, IS will claim responsibility for the attack.

No connection with June attacks

The cell is not connected to the June lethal mosque assault. Saudi national Fahd Suliman Abdul-Muhsen bombarded a Shiite mosque, murdering 26 individuals and injuring 227. It was the principal mosque besieging to ever happen in the little nation. Najd Province, the Saudi offshoot for ISIS, asserted obligation. Keep in mind this is also shortly after The Orlando nightclub attack, which has been reported as the deadliest attack in American history.

With the surge of Islamic attacks on countries all over the world, vigilance is important in the world today.

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With the loss of ground, IS has become even more desperate in their attempts to dominate the world. According to Washington, The Islamic State has lost 45 percent of the territory it once held in Iraq and 20 percent of areas it controlled in Syria, according to new estimates by a U.S.-led coalition combating the extremist group.

The Kuwaiti government has proclaimed war on ISIS

With the attacks and plots increasing, more countries are stepping up to assist the forces, battling ISIS. Kuwait, after the plot was discovered, has waged war on the terror group.