Today marks the last day for the Lychee Dog Meat Festival held every year about this time in China, and the sorrow felt for the 10,000 dogs captured, butchered, cooked and then devoured by the crowd has hit home. The people who held a candlelight vigil in North Carolina and a firefighter out of California are doing their best to support those in China who are trying to stop this event for good.

Protests couldn't stop festival

Despite the pleading from groups worldwide to stop this barbaric festival, the slaughtering of dogs went on as planned this year, reports WLOS News. While people believe this is a much accepted custom in China, they are wrong.

Yes, some people do eat dog meat, but many in China love dogs as companions and they treat their Pets as family members, very much like how people in this nation have adopted dogs as part of their family.

People in China up in arms over festival

Many Chinese groups protest this dog meat festival and the activists were busy before the festival started by trying to save the dogs from this horrendous fate. Reports of people actually buying truckloads of dogs from the drivers bringing these dogs to slaughter inLychee were heard frequently this year.Some actually set up roadblocks to stop the trucks carrying dogs through to the town of Lychee, where a horrific fate awaited them. While dogs were killed and eaten, many were saved by these heroic groups stopping the trucks and rescuing the dogs.

Dogs are strays or stolen from owners

Many of the dogs are strays or they are stolen off the streets and out of the yards of people who live hundreds of miles away from the Lychee festival. One group held a trucker for a few days, not letting him get past their roadblock. He finally gave in and let the group have the dogs.

Some of the rescued dogs ended up in the U.S. and were put up for adoption this year.

Americans join in to stop barbaric festival

In the U.S., the group that held the candlelight vigil in Asheville, North Carolina, had 50 in attendance. In California a firefighter has taken action against the disturbing festival by creating a social media awareness campaign.

He also promotes the group Animal Hopes, which is one of the many groups that work in Asia trying to get this dog festival become a page in history.

Dogs tortured so their meat is flavorful

Besides being slaughtered and eaten, these dogs are torturedbecause the people who operate this festival and those who are drawn to it believe that this torture brings out the flavor in the dog meat, according to EMS1 News. Although this barbaric festival went on as planned this year, many are hoping the more pressure put on the Chinese Government over then next 12 months will bring this festival closer to banishment.

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