On Sunday July 10, Arab states delegates spoke out against terrorism in the Middle East region with voices to make fertile their experiences and sacrifice at the hands of the ongoing meddling of the mullahs’ regime, finding a common message for each sovereign Arab state to build strength and alliance for confronting the terrorism and meddling of the Iranian regime.’

The event at the Paris HQ of the NCRI – National Council of Resistance of Iran – saw Maryam Rajavi address upwards of 100 delegates from sovereign Arab countries, prior to a reception evening marking Eid Mubarak. The President-elect’s first moment to talk about solidarity were the inviting words that "this evening belongs to those who resist the belligerence of suppression, and heralds the heroes of victory.


The Egyptian delegate group spoke in recognition of the resistance groups #FreeIran Grand Gathering conference, that took place the day before (Sat July 9): it was a message against terrorism, favoring support of the resistance against suppression in the region.

Ending the mullahs' regime

Many of the messages transmitted by the delegates were based on one common detonator of charge which is "the eviction of the mullahs’ regime from the Middle East region." An eventuality agreed to bring liberty to the Iranian people and stability to the region.

Adding foundation to the notion of stability for the Arab states, delegates were making clear the point that Islam must be separated from the way in which the Iranian regime uses religion to perpetrate crimes.

Particularly how the Iranian regime pitches Sunni and Shia beliefs against one another; all the Arab states agree this is a false narrative; and that Islam is a religion based on principles of peace, solidarity and respect for one another.

The Syrian delegates took an extract from the Quran: "Don’t let the suppressors rule over the oppressed," to underscore that the Prophet sought to make a society without any form of injustice.

Furthermore, it’s agreed that these are principles which inspire modern Arab countries.

Imploring everyone to work together, hope from the Syrian delegation was for the imminent downfall of the Iranian regime which has despatched 1,000s of its army including the terrorist-listed Qods Forces into Syria; saying the regime couldn’t be tenable if it was challenged and overthrown in Damascus.

The Saudi Arabian delegation talked of being inspired by the Iran resistance’s 38 year existence in light of the continued attempts by the regime to silence it. Palestine declared constant support for the Iranian resistance in its fight for justice.

Following on, theIraqi delegate group spoke out asa voice for people against terrorism. The Jordanian delegates were concerned for the security of the members and families of the PMOI (People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran) resident in Camp Liberty, in Iraq. They also made a salute to the citizens of Iran, who bear the economic and social oppression peddled by the regime, and honored Mrs. Maryam Rajavi with a signed declaration of support by the Jordanian parliament.

As the proud voice of resistance, Bahrain delegates expressed their support of Iranian citizens, but also Palestine and Jordan, whose people suffered their own particular injustices. They were critical of the regime’s ongoing sectarian provocations in the region, adding that they seek a representative popular government for the people of Iran in support of justice and human rights.

Closing were the Tunisian and Albanian delegations, who hoped for optimistic futures where culture could be embraced, especially from the Tunisian delegates who found it unreasonable that the Iranian regime should be so suspicious of books, writing, literature and expression. A resolute nod goes also to the Australian delegate group who cited the President-elect Mrs.

Maryam Rajavi as being "one of the bravest women alive today."

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