A distant planet, located more than 320 light years from Earth, does not resemble any other planet known by now, according to descopera.ro

Planet with three sunrises and three sunsets

If someone would live there -- although researchers doubt that it could support life, they would experience constant sunlight or they could admire three sunrises and three sunsets -- depending on the season -- which last longer than a human life. This planet's orbit -- which is 16 million years old -- is one of the largest systems with more stars. According to the researchers, the planet is quite stable. Normally, the gravitational attraction is so complex from several suns in a system that these features could lead to an unstable orbit.

Researchers surprised by the discovery

Daniel Apai from the the University of Arizona, one of the co-authors of this study said that he was surprised to discover a planet in an orbit so big that is influenced by all those three stars. The planet is orbiting around its main star, all three Suns are visible in the planet's sky during half of this period. That means three sunrises and three sunsets every day.

Even since the discovery of this planet, astronomers have seen only a small elliptical movement of its orbit. The planet is probably orbiting around the strongest star, which was labeled "Star A."

The astronomers have discovered this new strange planet with the help of the huge telescopes from the European Southern Observatory in Chile. This telescopes also managed to obtain a direct image of this unique planetary system.

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This is one of the youngest planets outside our solar systems (exoplanet).

The celestial body is in the located constellation Centaurus, 320 light-years away from Earth and it is four times larger than Jupiter.

It seems that the planet could not sustain life

Daniel Apai said the planet could not support life, because is it made of gas -- like Jupiter from our solar system. He also added that the planet has a very high temperature, there is no liquid water, the winds are very strong, and has no surface.