NASA officials are convinced of the existence of extraterrestrial life and that they will be found soon. It is also possible that these aliens are clever enough to be able to "discover" humans first.

Only a matter of time.

Charles Frank Bolden, NASA's administrator said that they would find evidence that there is life somewhere in the Universe. He bases his assertion on the fact that there are millions of other planets in the Universe and many of them have characteristics similar to Earth.

The researcher points out that science says these planets can sustain life.

The Space agency does not think that they would find creatures similar to people, but microorganisms might exist and they can work on them.


NASA officials say it is only a matter of time until extraterrestrial life will be found.

Could aliens accidentally discover us?

However, the former astronaut John Grünsfeld believes that intelligent life forms exist but they are too far away for us to find them. If these intelligent life forms are just 20 light years from Earth they could arrive to find humans accidentally. The activities on Earth can be observed easily with advanced tools, considering all the changes that people have made to the planet, according to Grünsfeld.

Water - the evidence of life

Scientists have searched for one element that could be evidence of life outside our planet - this element is water. They believe that on Mars - the favorite planet when it comes to chances of finding extraterrestrial  microorganisms, there was once water.

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If ultimately, the Red Planet proves to have no life forms, NASA will put their hopes on the moons orbiting around Jupiter and Saturn. These satellites have essential elements that could trigger the expansion of life, according to the experts from the space agency.

Life outside our solar system?

NASA researchers are investigating the possibility of finding life on one of the so-called exoplanets which scientists say are friendly environments for living organisms. These are planets with the same size of Earth, orbiting around stars that are cooler than our Sun. With billions of such exoplanets in the Universe, the odds that life to thrive on a few of them are great. Bolden says NASA hopes to find extraterrestrial life in the next 20 years and, if this does not happen on Mars, life will probably be found on a planet on the limit or our Solar System.