The Aleppo hospital and two other locations came under fire fromfighter helicopters. The war in the northern locality took more than 20 lives as fighting intensified. The news was brokered by the group that is monitoring the conditions. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, (SOHR) based in the UK revealed on Wednesday that ten lives were lost in air-strikes. The Bayan hospital is located in a rebel-occupied area of Aleppo city. According to the SyrianIndependent Doctor'sAssociation, nine newly-born infants lying in incubators were caught up in the air-raid which caused damage to the hospital equipment.

Dr. Hatem, the director at the hospital stated that only a small number of incubators are now operational. He said, "our efficiency is on the decline and we are unable to defend the place." The hospital is highly exposed to the targets and basic defense is a necessity. He indicated that each and every world leader should consider the infants as their own sons and daughters.


SOHR revealed that at least four people along with two kids lost their liveswhen government-backed helicopters targeted the Al-Marjeh vicinity. The Human Rights Observatory also mentioned, Al-Moadi, where one more life was lost. It is reported that the hospital is located near a street that is full of people and humming with day to day activities.

Aerial strikes damage market.

Four barrel bombs were dropped by the government helicopters and they detonated in the vegetable market. The death toll spiraled to ten and thirty people sustained injuries. As the war intensified, the fighter helicopters targeted Al-Salhin, and Al-Rashdin. These attacks took the lives of a man and a woman.

17 medical facilities damaged.

During the past two months, 17 medical care centers were damaged. Currently, seven medical facilities are performing services in Aleppo, according to independent reports. Dr. Osama Abo Al Ezz, a surgeon, working with the Syrian American Medical Society in Aleppo, stated that in Aleppo civilian killings number in the dozens.

He said, " we are in agony and have been incapacitated." The SOHR advise that ISIL fighters have been pushed back from a number of villages by the on-going clashes.

Syrian Democratic Forces, the US-backed Kurdish force.

Arab and Kurdish fighters are backed by the US-coalition, commonly known as the Kurdish People’s Protection Units. The SDF, the Syrian Democratic Forces, started an attack to try and capture Manbij, a town that is believed to be a weapons smuggling route for ISIL via Turkey. The options for the Aleppo people are diminishing. Syria Relief Network’s CEO, Dr. Samah Bassas, said that hunger and disease will engulf Aleppo, if it becomes besieged. "The Syrian and Russian fighter planes should refrain from attacking the civilians," he added.

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