Israeli researchers reported that a patient with epilepsy had a strong religious experience, according to Descopera and Science Alert. The patient was undergoing treatment for epilepsy, which made him "see" and talk to with the figure of God. In this "divine" moment, the patient was connected to a brain scanner EEG (electroencephalogram).

The most curious fact in this strange case is that the patient, aged 46, has never been religious, although he identifies as Jewish.

A type of epilepsy that causes hallucinations

The patient has been struggling almost for a lifetime with an epilepsy located in the temporal lobe from the right. Temporal lobe epilepsy is a kind of epilepsy in which the crisis have the origin in the temporal lobe.

The patients can have strange emotions caused by this illness. The disease can also bring out the old memories or the patient can have hallucinations with people, voices, music or even or tastes or smells. These kind of experience can take a few seconds or even several minutes.

As part of the treatment, the doctors told the patient to stop the anticonvulsant drugs which inhibit the rapid and excessive burn of the neurons during the crisis.

The patient saw God in the ceiling

The doctors who were around the patient reported that while lying on the bed the patient has "frozen" and he suddenly started looking at the ceiling. He had been looking at the ceiling for a few minutes. Later he thought that God was near him. Then he began chanting prayers in silence, he searched for his kippah and put it on the head.

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Then he began chanting prayers excessively. After this, he suddenly screamed 'You are Adonai!'(The Hebrew name for God)

The doctors noted in a report researchers at the Hadassah Hebrew University from Israel that this was a pretty scary situation. The patient pulled the electrodes and started to carol the hospital saying to every person he saw 'God sent me to you!'

Experience caused by a rare disease

As Neuroskeptic reported, the brain scans show an activation of the lower gamma band (30-40 Hz). This is located  in the left prefrontal cortex of the brain. At the exact moment of the supernatural experience the exact opposite part of the brain which had caused his epileptic crisis has activated.

The Epilepsy and Behaviour Journal claimed that the patient had experienced "a grandiose religious illusion and a missionary zeal caused by postictal psychosis(PIP)". PIP is an uncommon, but severe complication, that may follow an apoplexy crisis. It can cause hallucinations, paranoia, delusions, and sometimes even aggressive behaviour.

Neuroskeptic also notes they don't know exactly what has happened  in that region of the brain and what the experience of this patient was caused by.