In the Philippines Rodrigo Duterte has assumed the office of the President and he is adamant not to backtrack on his earlier promises made to the nation. Rodrigo’s long cherished dreams have been turned into a reality regarding putting criminals, rapists and drug lords to death, extra-judiciously. He is determined not to bequeath a legacy of crime to the Philippines. He said that the execution of Justice will never happen but the executions of criminals are imminent now. The incumbent President has been running his death-squad for the last few years to wipe out the criminals. He admitted this recently. It has been his longstanding desire to salvage the sinking ship of the Philippine humanity.

The Filipinos voted him to power just to execute his commitment to wipe out Crime which is so prevalent in the Philippines. The President said that assassination raids will also be mounted on the corrupt journalists

Duterte affirmed in his speech that he is a relentless ruler.

In his speech the President strengthened the impression of his stance towards criminals, he also made it known to the nation that he is well aware of the legality and the illegality of all things. During the previous days, he said that the police, the President himself and the citizens are tto be allies in carrying out executions of criminals. He said that he supports this. The President asked the citizens to hold guns to do just that. He said that if a criminal who is arrested is not willing to go the police station and puts up the resistance, just shoot him to death.

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President Duterte sought only six months to wipe out criminals in the Philippines. He is confronted with two major challenges; crime and economic growth. His inaugural speech went live on national TV and was watched by millions when he was sworn in before the Supreme Court Justice, making the commitment to preserve and to protect the Philippine’s constitution. 

Fixed bounty on drug lords.

President Rodrigo announced a few days back that one $170,000.00 will be the reward, if a criminal is killed by anyone and if not dead, the man who holds him will get 4.999 million pesos. During his Mayorship period in Davao City, he faced accusations of running death-squads and he admitted openly to this. He admitted the fact that a bloody war is ahead for the nation during his Presidency, in order to root out crime. The President called drug addicts the "sons of the whores," and he further stated that no chance for medical treatment exists and "they will be killed by me."