An international team of researchers has compiled a series of calculations in order to assume how the galaxies and planets were formed about 13.8 billion years ago, according to Descopera and Sciencealert.

Could Earth be the only habitable planet?

Over time, numerous attempts to find out whether life could exist on other planets not only on Earth were made. An international team of researchers has proposed to study this phenomenon in reverse, asking the question whether Earth could be the only celestial body in the Universe which is habitable. In this regard, scientists have compiled a series of calculations to find out how galaxies and planets were formed about 13.8 billion years ago.

The results were used to map the planets with Earth-like structure. Following that procedure, the specialists learned that the Earth is more special than they previously thought.

Why is Earth so special?

According to the calculations made by the researchers, what makes Earth so interesting is the fact that other planets from the Milky Wayand other exoplanets tooare much older, larger in size and therefore, it is highly unlikely that they are habitable.

How great is the likelihood they will find another habitable planet?

According to this study, the possibility of finding a planet able to host life is even smallerbecause at the moment there is very little information about the exoplanets located near our galaxy.

So far about 2,000 such celestial bodies have been discovered, although it is estimated that they would be, in fact, around 700 quintillion.The authors of this study - published in The Astronomical Journal - wrote that we should have to accept the fact that we are here because of a lottery.

Erik Zackrisson, one if the researchers said that "whenever you find something that sticks out, that means that either we are the result of a very improbable lottery draw or we don’t understand how the lottery works"

Extremely vague predictions.

Scientists say they are unable to make a clear prediction on identifying a habitable planet.

However, they are still likely to achieve favorable results for their research. Because the calculations have resulted in the formulation of extremely vague predictions, they can still be improved with the advent of new discoveries. The only mission that astronomers have right now is to study in detail the information they have obtained so far, according toDescopera.

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