The Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad has made a pledge to take into possession all areas captured at the hands of rebels. He issued the statement while delivering a speech to parliamentarians. He said that the repossession needs to take place through historic Palmyra, a historic town, held by the ISIL group. On Tuesday, his speech before the newly elected parliament went viral on TV. Assad expressed to the politicians that conditions on the ground are inching towards betterment faster than months ago. He said, "we have retrieved many areas and not an inch will be left to the rebels." 

Victory over ISIL is sole choice.

He mentioned in his statement on TV that if Syria remains in the hands of ISIL, it will never move forward.

In his televised speech, he made his position concrete on the UN-sponsored peace discussions. He further stated and laid emphasis on it that Syria will be governed by means of the “unity government” and no intervening governing body is needed. He said that they will adhere to the principles stated and that they will not be distracted from the principles they put forward to the UN.

Admitted the truth.

Assad’s comments were far different from his earlier comments made last July. He admitted the truth that his army had a number of losses on the war-field and was pushed to abdicate certain territories. The Russian aerial strategy and campaign rendered a helping hand to the Syrian army troops to retrieve the vast territories fallen into the hands of rebels. Currently, the Syrian army troops are making advances towards Raqqa, the ISIL’s self-styled capital.

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In March, the Syrian troops removed ISIL from Palmyra. The ISIL is exercising a control over a large number of areas in Iraq and Syria and is fighting against the US-backed forces in Syria’s northern areas. The war in Syria is admitted to be in full swing.

Two-year-old war.

The Syrian war was triggered due to uprisings two years back. The uprisings brought about the decline of autocratic governments in Yemen, Tunisia, Egypt, and Libya. The unarmed revolt against Bashar Al Assad resulted in a full-fledged civil war between the rebels and government forces. As per United Nations Special Envoy to Syria, it is estimated that over 400,000 people have laid down their lives in five years.