On the 6th June 2016, Jake Bolton accurately predicted in a tweet that the UK would vote to Leave the EU in the Brexit referendumand that Cameron would resign. In a momentous day of shocking news that has rocked world currencies and shown up a divided nation, the UK did indeed vote to leave the EU 18 days after his prediction and mere hours later Cameron announced his resignation which will take place in a few months.

Prediction about Trump.

Jake Bolton has also predicted that Trump will beat Hillary Clinton in the US Presidential elections. If that comes true – this young man will have scored a 100% prediction success.

This is incredible, considering a lot of major media outlets and even Cameron himself believed that the UK would actually vote to stay in the EU. So what has this 22-year-old wanna-be media creator got, that the mainstream media missed?

His Youtube Channel.

Jake Bolton joined Twitter in 2009 when he was 15 or 16 years old. His early profile says he is “Currently trying to work out what I want to do with my life. I will most likely spend it trying to work out what I want to do with my life.” Today Jake has a YouTube channel called MyNameIsJakeBolton, where he discusses how he is just a random guy with a laptop and a webcam talking nonsense. His tweet, however, certainly shows that he does not always talk nonsense.

Watching him on YouTube, it is hard to see this man without a long-term career in media:

Patreon and positivity.

Jake describes himself as getting serious about trying to do something concrete to get paid work as a writer and a video creator. “I will always be a random guy,” he says “unless I try to do something positive about getting a creative career.” He made a determination that he is going back to writing and making videos regularly – mainly about politics and comedy.

In an attempt to try and earn some money from his chosen career, he took the big step of opening a Patreon Account. Patreon is a place online where writers, artists, and other creative people can try and get patrons to support them financially while they build their career.

Hopefully an inaccurate personal prediction.

It is fascinating to see that this obviously very talented young man actually looks a bit embarrassed about asking for support and he even said that he cannot actually see people wanting to give him money for doing what he does. He feels he is not likely to earn much and if that is the case, he is joining a long line of creatives at Patreon who have earned nothing at all. For his sake, it should be hoped that this was a rare and inaccurate forecast.

Too many writers in the world.

There are more writers in the world than all the mainstream media and all the publishing houses can possibly employ. Those who are employed in their chosen media career are often very quick to dismiss and put down independent writers.

These are the reporters and staff writers who laugh at the small money freelance writers can earn on pay per view news sites and via small contracts bartered at Upwork. Freelancers often have to do other jobs as well as write or film, or act – so even small amounts are a tremendous reward.

Knocking on doors.

The accurate predictions by this freelancer illustrates that mainstream media is not always the only source of reliable and true-blue reporting. If Trump really does trump the US elections, Jake could possibly predict that in the next few years editors will be knocking on his door.

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