Israel has beefed-up security and hundreds of extraforces have been stationed in the West Bank, which is occupied by the Israel. On Thursday, the Israeli army made an announcement after taking into consideration the prevailing conditions. They deployed two extra battalions to the West Bank. The deployment included hundreds of soldiers from twin forces. The infantry and Special Force units are performing the duties. The Israeli Security Cabinet meeting took stock of the situation and discussions were held to evince more responses regarding security measures.

Palestinians barred from entering the Israel.

Tel Aviv’s nightspot terror attack brought about the sanctions on the Muslims and special permits granted to the Palestinian Muslims have been annulled by the defense ministry. Muslims can no longervisit Israel during the holy month of fasting. No Palestinian is permitted to visit relatives residing in the West Bank. COGAT, the defense body made it clear that as many as eighty-three thousand permits issued, have been canceled.

Prayers in Al-Aqsa Mosque taboo.

A special offer for Muslims to visit the Al-Aqsa Mosque has been withdrawn as permits have been placed under suspension. No Palestinian can venture abroad and the Gaza Strip has been cordoned-off, for this purpose.

As many as 204 of the Yatta attackers relatives work permits have been declared null and void. Train and bus stations are under strict vigilance by special police forces. Wednesday’s surveillance video camera captured the attacking moments. Two men clad in black suits and wearing black ties entered a café and went on a killing-spree in the Sarona Market, which is located near the defense ministry.

Benjamin Netanyahu spoke on the terror crime scene.

Israeli Prime Minister described the crime scene and the attack as a terrorattack which wascarried out in enmity. He got back from Moscow and counseled with senior officials as well as the newly appointed defense minister, Avigdor Lieberman.

Hamas made a heroic attack?

The Palestinian group dubbed this attack as "heroic," a spokesman for the Hamassaid. The Hamas is a Gaza Strip Palestinian group, which operates in theWest Bank. The killers were disguised as Orthodox Jews. The killers identities have been established as all of them belong to the Hebron locality in the occupied West Bank.

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