Dozens of air-raids have been launched since Sunday on the ISIL-held locations. The Syrian regime forces forced their entry into Raqqa province. The government air-raid took 53 lives, including children. Aleppo city is hell on earth. Al-Qatriji came under an offensive of oil-drums, barrel bombs, fatal explosives and shrapnel. The Syrian government military helicopters launched a deadly attack on the densely populated locality. The report emanated from the UK based Syrian observatory for human rights monitoring. Eight civilians came in the line of shelling along with the ISIL rebels in the government-controlled area. The Russian and the Syrian government fighter-planes conducted one of the heaviest offensives. 

Havoc reigns in Aleppo, the Syrian province.

The Syrian government army made its advances through the Athriya location which lies in the eastern province of Hama, as it is very close to Raqqa and is a provincial border line.

The Syrian Observatory of Human Rights (SOHR), revealed that the attack launched lent the troops’ access to Taba. It is less than 40 kilometers away. This is the location where the air-base is situated along with a big reservoir. The allied forces are strengthening their hand against ISIL, as ISIL is controlling a broad area in Iraq and Syria. The ISIL is pitted against the USA supported fighters and Iraqi forces, as Falluja is the stronghold of the rebels. Russian military involvement boosted President Bashar-Al Asad’s regime. Raqqa is a place of slaughter as ISIL says, "support us or get ready to die." Raqqa is at the mercy of killers as it has been under a constant killing spree at the hands of rebels

The media.

In Raqqa, the local journalist group founded by Abdel-Aziz Al-Hamza are performing their duties diligently to save the lives of innocent civilians.

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They are reporting on executions in Raqqa that are being carried out in public. The news media from abroad relies heavily on Al-Hamza and his group for thier stories. Facebook, Twitter and social websites are being put into use by under-cover journalists to keep updated about Raqqa’s state of affairs.

Raqqa is being butchered.

 In the Syrian war the public is being targeted and the infrastructure is being annihilated. Brutalities are being inflicted on the patients at the hospitals. Schools are being targeted and the food outlets are attacked to starve the people to death. Millions of civilians have been intentionally besieged by the rebel groups to try and gain support in favor of ISIL. The US Secretary of State, John Kerry has correctly said that if the UN’s requests are denied to reach the civilians stuck in war-torn areas, the World Food Program must carry out an air-drop strategy immediately.