One of the most amazing technologies from the universe of 'Star Trek' imagined by Gene Roddenberry is teleportation. Could teleportation could become reality some day? A Russian investor believes that such a system can be developed by 2035. Alexander Galitsky, a prominent investor in the technology sector from Russia said: "It sounds fantastic today, but successful testing at the molecular level took place at Stanford" He added that much of the technology we have nowadays is inspired by the science fiction from 20 years ago.

Funds of billions of dollars for developing teleportation 

The development of teleportation is included in the National Technology Initiative, a strategic plan for the development of the technology sector In Russia supported by the state, which is receiving funds amounting to 2.100 billion dollars.


This program also includes the developing of a Russian programming language, the development of quantum computers and neural interfaces -- which are direct connections between human brains and computers. 

Although it seems impossible, the experiments carried out so far show that teleportation is theoretically possible. In 2014 the researchers from the University of Technology from the Netherlands have shown for the first time that the information encoded in sub-atomic particles can be teleported short distances (3 meters in this case).

How safe will it be?

In the episodes of "Star Trek" we can see how people are teleported from one end to the other end of the Universe and how these travelers are quite safe for passengers.

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However, the possibility of accidents during these travels is not taken into account. According to experts, the risks are quite high.

Assuming that we are ready to beam up and we set up the transporter. Now, we can imagine how we are broken into hundreds of billions of atoms, while we are not aware of what we are doing. In fact, we can't feel anything throughout this process, until the atoms of which we are made will rearrange when we arrive at the destination. This is exactly the  moment when problems could emerge. What happens if the atoms rearrange so that some parts of our body would be completely different? What would happen if the transporter would damage during the trip, and, finally, we arrive as two versions of the same person?