The questions and chaos continue for Britain: who will lead the country after the shocking Brexit vote to leave the European Union? Boris Johnson, one of the main voices behind the "Leave" campaign and the man most saw as the favorite to fill the spot, announced Thursday that he will not be running for British Prime Minister.

The surprising announcement

Many viewed Johnson's campaign to leave the European Union as a political play to advance himself in the Conservative Party. His path to the office of Prime Minister seemed clear after David Cameron announced that he would be resigning from the post because of the vote. Cameron supported the "Remain" campaign.

The two sides of the Brexit vote waged a brutal campaign against one another, with many comparing the tactics and style of the "Leave" campaign to the presidential campaign of Donald Trump. The aftermath of the vote sent the value of the British pound dramatically downward, caused massive upheaval in global stock markets, and may ultimately dismantle Britain as the world knows it. Both Scotland and Northern Ireland have discussed seeking independence from Britain in order to rejoin the European Union.

What comes next for Britain?

Johnson's political ally and fellow "Leave" campaigner Michael Gove split from his friend, announcing that Johnson "cannot provide the leadership or build the team for the task ahead." Gove then announced that he would be running for the empty Prime Minister position.

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There are currently five members of the Conservative Party campaigning to fill the spot, with Gove and current Home Secretary Theresa May being viewed as the most likely contenders. Also in the mix are Work and Pensions Secretary Stephen Crabb, Energy Minister Andrea Leadsom, and former Defense Secretary Liam Fox. Crabb and May both supported the "Remain" campaign, while the other three campaigned to leave the European Union.

With both the Conservative and Labour parties in chaos after the Brexit vote, Johnson's announcement has gone even further to complicate things for Britain. What do you think of Johnson deciding not to seek the office of Prime Minister? Let us know in the comments.