Bahrain’s council of ministers has pronounced its decision to revoke the nationality of the Shiite spiritual leader Sheikh Isa Qassim. The Al-Wefaq is the key opposition party in Bahrain and the interior ministry requested to launch an action against the Shiite leader, Sheikh Isa. Bahrain is a country ruled by the overwhelming majority of the Sunni sect. Diraz is Qassim’s ancestral village and he was born in 1940 in the said village.

Violated the line.

The rulers of Bahrain are not oblivious to the bitter reality that they have violated the red-line, and this violation will cost them their rule and this act will result in dire consequences.

The Bahrain News Agency spoke on behalf of the interior ministry saying that Sheikh Isa Qassim has driven a wedge between the communities and has fanned extremism. The interior ministry further stated that Qassim’s extremism and sectarianism related activities were leading Bahrain towards a sense of insecurity amongstsociety The interior ministry stated that his sermons just served the foreign country of Iran's interests. The recent decision by the council of ministers has triggered a reaction in Bahrain. The staunch supporters of Sheikh Isa Qassim resorted to chanting religious slogans and started assembling at his house, holding placards in their hands.

Sayed Alwadei.

Sayed Alwadeia director for the Bahrain Institute for Rights and Democracy, said that the current decision will bring about an escalation in violence and tension.

Another Lebanon based Shiite group, called the Hezbollah has released its statement that the decision will result in dire consequences as Iran has also issued a strong worded statement. Qassem Soleimani has also issued a strict warning about taking up arms against Bahrain’s ruling elite. Qassem Soleimani holds a position of the Commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards.

Soleimani said that Bahrain now will be set on fire including all the regions in reaction to the decision.

Nabel Rajab.

During the previous week, Nabel Rajabwas placed under the detention of the Bahrain authorities. He was charged under the sole accusation of indulging in criticism against the Bahrain’s government.

Bahrain has been the victim of the turmoil since 2011, as the overwhelming Shia Muslim majority has been asking for greater rights from the Sunni-run kingdom. The insurgence which took place in 2011 in Bahrain was put down by the Sunni Arabs of the Gulf, which includeSaudi Arabia and UAE. The Sunni Arabs cast an eye of suspicion on Iran, and these states formed an alliance not to let the influence of Shiites flourish in Bahrain. The noteworthy thing is that the 5th Fleet of the US Navy is stationed in Bahrain.

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