Amnesty International has pronounced an alarming finding in Africa. Humans are not tolerating other humans with a different skin texture and color in South Africa. People born with a genetic disorder in pigmentation, commonly known as “Albinism” are treated like prey animals. There are instances where people pounce upon those affected with albinism. They are considered a “butt of ridicule” by the society. The communities and their own families subject them to mental torture. The pigmentation disorder changes their skin, hair and eye color. One out of twenty thousand people across the world is affected by albinism. It is prevalent in sub-Saharan regions of Africa, where awareness about albinism has not been addressed among people.

People with albinism are hunted and hacked to pieces.

Southern and eastern regions of Africa are notorious for this practice. People with albinism are sometimes hunted and their body limbs are divided into pieces. The Africans believe that albino limbs possess magical powers and the hunters call themselves “Albino Hunters”. The year 2016 has witnessed a number of such-like attacks, specially, in Malawi, Burundi and Tanzania. If they happen to escape this tragedy, they are the targets of discrimination and racism at the cruel hands of their own countrymen. 

Durban, South Africa.

In Durban, South Africa, a twenty-four-year-old student from the financial management department spoke of the challenges which he is confronted with. The albinism makes him undergo mental agony “day in and day out”, Nombuso Cele, the victim revealed.

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Nombuso Cele shed more light on the sufferings he underwent. He said that his parents did not aunderstand the albinism with which he was afflicted. He stated that he remained devoid of his parent’s support, when he was in dire need of their support. 

Hate crime ridden society.

He said that at school, he used to be targeted by hate-Crime and schoolmates called him by abusive names, like the white ghost and ugly man. "Only one girl at school soothed me with polite worlds," as her mental approach was not at a par with others, he added. At high school he regained confidence and recognized his position, he revealed. He said that people at large deny "us recognition and we are not humans in their eyes." Nombuso Cele lamented the thinking of the old men in Africa, who gave him the name of a “curse” in society. "The black Africans claim superiority over the white-skinned albinos," he said. He went on to say that the students at the Durban University still show resentment towards him, as even at university level there is ignorance about Albinism.


There is a misconception in South Africa, that having sex with an albino will cure HIV/Aids patients of their disease and this should be removed from the cultural mentality of African people. Cele reminded people that albino people have the same blood as anyone else and the difference lies only in pigmentation.