The highlanders of Afghanistan’s rugged terrain have no place to go to, despite having political influence of their own in Afghanistan. Persecutions and discriminatory treatment have turned the Hazaras into a forlorn minority. The Hazara’s are known as the progeny of Genghis Khan, as Genghis Khan had laid the foundation of the Mongol dynasty and the Mongolian soldiers entered this region in the thirteenth century. Their language and Asiatic facial features divided them and they were set apart from other Afghans, as they used to speak a Persian dialect.

Racist persecution.

The Hazaras have become aliens in their own homeland, Afghanistan, as the saga of the Hazaras speaks about the persecutions they underwent at the hands of the Afghans.

They have been targeting for persecution due to racism. The Afghanis follow the Sunni sect of Islam and the Hazaras are followers of the Shiite sect of Islam, like the Iranians. The feelings of sectarianism and racism have been a bone of contention, not only in Afghanistan but Pakistan has also been a victim of sectarianism. In Afghanistan the Pashtun community has been in dominance.

Pashtun King ordered the massacre of the Hazaras.

A king of Pashtun ethnicity, named as  Amir Abdul Rahman Khan issued orders to carry out the slaughtering of the Shiite ethnic minority of the Hazaras in the central Afghanistan, and thousands of the Shiite Muslims were slaughtered, accoring to Thomas Barfield, an anthropologist. The Hazaras were put on sale as slaves in the nineteenth century. They were rural dwellers and the Hazaras were an entirely neglected ethnic minority who were denied all basic amenities.

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In recent decades there is evidence that education was barred to them and they could not enjoy any position in the government departments. Afghanistan’s period before the war throws light on the atrocities perpetrated on the Hazaras, the co-director of the Afghanistan Analysts Network, Thomas Rutting, elaborated. 

Taliban ordered to execute the Hazaras for being non-Muslims.

During the Taliban rule, a war on the Hazaras was declared and they were declared to be non-Muslims. The Taliban Commander Maulawi Mohammed Hanif openly declared them to be non-Muslims while addressing a crowd in 1990. The Human Rights Watch released the fact that in 1990, thousands from the Hazara’s minority were publically executed and the remaining ones stealthily slipped into the neighboring Iran. The Taliban are still operating and under name of ISIS iscontinuing to kill the Hazaras unabated. The women, children and the men of the Hazaras are facing unspeakable brutalities.

Afghan President Hamid Karzai granted constitutional rights to the Hazaras.

During Afghan President Hamid Karzai’s tenure in 2004, he granted rights to the ethnic minority of the Hazaras and they sought good enough representation in the administrative affairs of the regime. Despite the equal rights granted by the Afghan President, the discrimination against the Hazaras never ceased.