Swiss authorities are currently monitoring about 400 people who are suspected of being terrorist militants and could thus represent a threat to the National security. Switzerland would not be a main target for Islamist militants since it is not part of the international coalition that fights against terrorist networks like the Islamic State. However, the annual NDB report shows that the threat to its security is still relatively high.

Why do they think Switzerland is targeted?

The report unveiled a photograph of a Swiss passport near an explosive belt. It is suspected that the photograph was posted by a Swiss person who is believed to be a militant that traveled to the Middle East.

There is also a video claimed by the Islamic State where the Swiss flag appears alongside other 60 state flags. It is believed that those flags present the states targeted by terrorist militants.The NDB (also known as FIS; Federal Intelligence Service) report also warned that there was a high possibility that the attacks in Switzerland were done by lone individuals or small groups, so that they could be performed with ease and minimal logistic effort.

Taking the necessary measures

Swiss authorities are now closely monitoring the suspected Islamist militants who return to Switzerland from outside countries, especially from Syria, as they could have been trained in special terrorist camps. Last month a Swiss court sentenced three Iraqi's who had been suspected of planning terrorist attacks and assisting certain Islamic State militants in crossing the border.

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Swiss federal prosecutors stated that 60 cases regarding suspected Islamist militants were opened.

Terrorist attacks, highly organized criminal activity and movements such as the Islamic State are closely investigated and some nations have somewhat prepared themselves against such threats, given that such movements are becoming more frequent. Switzerland does not falter when faced with such threats and this seems to suggest that the country is not an easy target for terrorists.

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