According to the federal prosecutor, the Russian citizen Nikita Kuzmin was sentenced to 37 months of prison time and to a 6.8 million dollar fine. He had been arrested back in 2010 and when he agreed to plead guilty, his sentence was reduced.

The Gozi Virus.

The Gozi virus which was created by him back in 2007 quickly became the most destructive virus in the history of programming, as it was able to steal tens of millions of dollars. His virus managed to infect over one million computers. Moreover, 40,000 of them were from the United States of America, and the virus managed to steal personal information like online bank account passwords.

It was reported back in 2013 that he had succeeded to withdraw almost 50 million dollars, of which certain amounts belonged to NASA. Three years ago, prosecutor Preet Bharara mentioned that Kuzmin risked being sentenced to 95 years of jail time. According to the prosecution documents, Kuzmin was arrested in the United States the day after he had arrived in San Francisco and he pleaded guilty in May 2011 by agreeing to cooperate with the authorities.

Other two hackers were sentenced as well.

Kuzmin was not the only one accused.

The case was opened for other two hackers as well, Deniss Calovskis from Latvia (nicknamed Miami) and Mihai Ionut Paunescu from Romania (nicknamed Virus). Both of them were arrested as well at the request of the South District prosecutor of New York. They were arrested by the authorities in their home countries in November (Deniss) and December (Mihai).

According to the Prosecutor’s statement, Kuzmin was considered the brain behind the Gozi virus.

Deniss was also sentenced by the same federal court in New York to 21 months in prison. He was extradited from his home country in February 2015; however the action was delayed as the Human Rights European Court failed to reply to the New York prosecutor in due time. Mihai, the third defendant, was arrested at the end of 2012 and his extradition is still on hold.

Calovkis was hired to develop specific applications to alter the computer’s system layouts of banks, infecting their websites with the virus, whereas Paunescu was accused of creating and operating a security server system in order to access classified information about hackers such as Kuzmin.

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