Ryanair flight FR1123 was on its way from the island of Tenerife in the Balearic Islands to Santiago de Compostela in northern Spain on Thursday night when the incident occurred.

Passenger who was refused beer became agitated

Reportedly at around 8:30 p.m. the plane was preparing to land in Santiago when a middle-aged man became agitated as the flight attendants refused to serve him more beer.According to the Spanish news service, El Correo Gallego, the man then reportedly took to his feet and ran down the aisle of the plane, shouting, “There’s a bomb!

It’s going to explode!” After the incident several other passengers on the Ryanair flight confirmed the fact that the passenger was shouting that he was going to detonate a bomb as they wouldn't serve him more beer.

A spokesman for the Spanish airport operator Aena said that the pilot on the flight had radioed ahead about the bomb threat and had requested activation of the local alert at Santiago airport due to a serious incident on board the plane.According to the spokesman, the alert was activated.

Officers from the National Police and Civil Guard met the Ryanair plane when it landed at 9:23 p.m. Shortly afterwards the alert was reportedly deactivated.

The Ryanair plane was directed away from the main terminal for safety

The Ryanair plane was directed to land in an area of the airport away from the main terminal for “security reasons” and the aircraft was surrounded by police officers and firefighters.

The officers met the man as he exited the plane, and he was arrested by agents from the Civil Guard. In the meantime, other passengers were told to remain in their seats while the man’s luggage was located and checked for explosives.Reportedly on arrival in the airport buildings, the man's fellow passengers were clearly emotional and shaken by their experience.

A Ryanair spokesman confirmed to The Local on Friday that the crew of the flight had requested police assistance on landing at Santiago due to a passenger who became disruptive during the flight and that the man was removed from the plane and arrested.The spokesman continued by stating that Ryanair will not tolerate disruptive or unruly behavior on their flights at any time and they confirmed that the comfort and safety of their passengers, crew and aircraft is their number one priority.The statement concluded with the Ryanair spokesman saying that it was now a matter for the Spanish police to handle.

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