Moscow is about to finish developing the new generation of rocket missiles that are invulnerable to NATO armaments and to anti-missile shields, as declared by the vice president of the security and defense committee Evgheni Serebrennikov.

According to the Russian senator who was then cited by the press agency RIA Novosti, such missiles might just be installed at the northern border of Russia, in case Sweden joined NATO. Also, he did not rule out the possibility of having increased numbers of troops relocated at the northern border of the Russian Federation.

Moreover, in an interview for the Sweden newspaper Dagens Nyheter, the Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov warned that Moscow could respond with technical and military measures if Sweden joined the North-Atlantic Treaty.Even if Sweden has not formally submitted an application as a candidate for membership status, the number of Swedes who are in favor of their country joining NATO has been continuously increasing.

How did Moscow respond to Sweden’s actions?

In response to their presumed actions, according to Russian experts, Moscow could increase the number of troops located in the north-west part of their country.

In addition, Russia may deploy Iskander-M (missile systems) at its northern border and equip the ships and submarines located in the Baltic Sea with Cruise Missiles of the “Kalibr” type.

RIA Novosti stated that the North-Atlantic Alliance was getting near the Russian borders and that this type of movement was actually more visible in the Baltics, where several large-scale exercises were held. Moscow repeatedly stated that it is prepared to react adequately to these Western actions.

Let’s hope for the best

The relations between Russia and NATO have deteriorated up to unprecedented levels as a result of the 2014 crisis in Ukraine.Such events make people wonder if a new war might commence in the future. If such a possibility existed, the diplomatic relations between the two states would become even more complex.

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