The Islamic State confirmed that a Russian female spy who infiltrated their terrorist group was killed, as her undercover activity led to the loss of many jihadist lives. According to an online Russian magazine of the terrorist group, it is believed that the woman’s name is Elvira and the spy hunters of the Islamic State managed to find her after a thorough investigation, eventually killing her.

Information from the original article

Elvira Karaeva – Russian special service agent” is the name of an article from Istok about a woman wanted by the Islamic State from the Caucasus region because she could be an important Russian agent from the information services.

According to the article, Karaeva acted as a spy for four years, in which she secretly sent information about the jihadist terrorist group from Caucasus, including locations and photographs of the Islamist fighters. It was related in the article that Karaeva was interrogated by the investigation authorities of the Islamic State and managed to prove her innocence in front of the Islamists. However, when the terrorist group used a sly maneuver during their second investigation, the woman had no other chance but to confess, which led to her execution performed by an Islamic State member.

Elvira managed to provide Moscow with relevant information

The same article also mentioned that the Islamic State acted upon her, as information about the identity of the Caucasus fighters was forwarded to the Russian special services.

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According to the terrorist network, the woman, whose identity was not confirmed by Russia, provided hiding places, secret locations and Islamic State member positions to Kremlin. The article also mentions about the woman being recorded as she confessed about her role in the Russian information services. During her act, she was married to a jihadist named Abu Muslim, whom she poisoned. According to the Islamists, other five members were killed and others were wounded due to Elvira Karaeva’s actions.

The Chechen leader Ramzan Kadirov did not add any comments to the Islamic State released magazine. However, even as a Muslim, he ruthlessly fought against the terrorist group, stating that his republican special forces are currently fighting in Syria using a spy network that is on the tail of the Islamic State.