It has been discovered that five of the Solomon Islands have submerged underwater in recent days. As per scientists and their new findings, published in the journal named “Environmental Research Letters”, these five islands were existent in late 2014 and now they no longer exist above sea level.

Six more islands might be going down.

In addition, six more of the Solomon Islands might be on their way down into the deep Pacific Ocean as well. The islands have already experienced a severe reduction in their shoreline and a severe rise in sea levels as the five which have gone down under. The Solomon Islands are an island country located in the Pacific Ocean.

Its population is a little over 500,000 and recently, Climate Change has proven to affect their lands in a most negative manner that many of us fear today.

Climate change.

NASA scientists presently watch and study climate change along with sea levels. El Nino and its effects have been on the radar too, as it has also been a cause of weather changes and the rising seas. It was estimated in March by James Hansen, a NASA scientist known for his reports on climate change, that the sea levels may rise up to 7 meters within the next 75 years. Before 2100 comes, many more islands and atolls may no longer exist.

People have had to relocate.

In regards to the five Solomon islands which are no longer above sea level, the people of the communities have had to relocate. Towns are now underwater and communication points for the country have been lost.

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It has also been found that the Solomon Islands are located within a “hot-spot” in the Pacific Ocean. In terms of what this means - the rises in sea levels is about three times more above the average in the Solomon Islands than anywhere else. While this may cause communities of other low-lying islands to be not as wary, the fear is now more real than ever that climate change will continue to cause islands and atolls to disappear into the ocean.

High wave energy exposure.

As per NASA reports, it has also been found that the Solomon islands which have sunk, were exposed to “high wave energy”. This is a third causal factor to their disappearance and poses as a base for studies on other countries. It is advised that low-lying countries have a plan set in place for relocation if their lands suffer the same fate in the future. For the Solomon Islands and its people, the capital of Taro will serve as the main relocation point for its people and services of its islands.