Not every animal lover in the world can go and rumble in the jungle to help stop wildlife poaching, but there are a lot of effective ways where you can make a difference. Many people have jobs, responsibilities, and families so you may not be able to take off like butt-kicking American war vet Ms. Kinessa Johnson, who volunteered through VETPAW to train marksmen and went out on anti-poaching patrols in Tanzania in 2014.


Nevertheless, even couch potatoes can do their bit to save our wildlife.

Get involved in social networks

Facebook and Twitter are full of great content that educate and advise on anti-poaching efforts. What can you do, apart from adding a cute but tearful doggy icon to show your feelings?  An aura of impotent fury often accompanies the posts in response to the death of animals on social sites but everyone can channel that fury into positive action.


If you search that box at the top of your Facebook page, or keyword search on Twitter, you will find there are many groups that you can join. Diverse content on these groups is plentiful. Read the posts, share the posts and spread the word to all your friends. Liking a post is great, but actually clicking through and reading the articles or watching the videos helps vital information go viral.

Sign petitions

Petitions can be delivered right into your inbox, so with a few mouse clicks you can add to the voices of millions of people fighting for change.

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A host of petitions, from calling on China to stop consumer demand for ivory products, to pressuring Zimbabwe to stop trophy hunting are easy to find. Sure, you need to be careful about petitions requesting dodgy funding or simply stealing your email address, but who isn’t internet savvy these days? A simple scam search will soon put your mind at ease. Cecil’s Pride, a Wordpress site named in honor of Cecil the Lion has good advice about which petitions you can safely sign.

They specifically mention “Speak up for the voiceless organization” as one to avoid.  The Southern African Fight for Rhinos on Facebook runs or shares meaningful petitions, as does Wildlife PACT. This leads us right back to getting involved in Facebook groups.

Donate cash to causes

Every dollar helps to fight poaching, supports the men and women on the front line, or assists as bereavement packages to those who lost their loved ones in the poaching war.


The WWF run a fundraiser that purchases equipment, trains rangers and provides “essential infrastructure.” The Game Rangers Association of Africa recognizes that rangers on the ground need support with training, bereavement, and equipment and they are always grateful for donations of any size. We have all read about the terrible poisoning of elephants in Hwange National Park, Zimbabwe. Wildlife Poisoning and Prevention, an NGO that works to combat poisoning across Southern Africa is always desperate for cash injection. There are many more deserving projects, so if you have a few spare dollars, direct them to where they can really help wildlife.


Fundraise through WWF’s Panda Nation

Fundraising can be time-consuming and can involve a lot of time trying to persuade others that you are a genuine person and not a scammer. The WWF panda nation fundraising facilities means that anyone can become a champion wildlife fundraiser.  All your funds are managed by WWF and you can be assured that they will go to a deserving organisation or cause. From simple cake sales to arranging fun athletic events, or even crossing the desert on roller skates, there is a fundraising opportunity for everyone. You can design your own event and try to get the kids involved if you can: This is their planet too.

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